Midday Gravy

You know, they say a lot of things about love these days. Is it true? Is it possible? Can you meet the person that is your one desire? Can you meet one person that is everything you are seeking? Can you meet someone who holds all of your love abided in them? 
(The only person I know that could bottle that perfect love wrote a pretty popular book you may find in times when that love seems too far away BUT)... Sometimes, just sometimes, you find that in another person.. Meet Davey and Zandalee

Davey and Zan Proposal Finals- Romance Your Wild (5 of 35).JPG

These two are what you would call "salt of the earth" kind of homies. With nothing but goodness in their hearts, the love that was captured on this night was so deserved it can hardly be put into words.. (And that's why we take pictures). I felt so incredibly blessed and honoured to be a part of witnessing this everlasting moment. Capturing this was one of my biggest joys yet. Let me tell you a little about it... 

NOTHING was perfect. The air was cold (a little too cold), the light was blue (not that gold you cross your fingers so hard they turn into a pretzel for) and date night was ruined because "Jay wants to shoot some cityscape, babe". Now I can't speak for Zandalee (primarily because she is wittier than me), but I think the only thing running through her mind at this moment was "Davey, you promised me all you can eat Ramen and THIS is what we are doing?! You are SO dead". 
The set up started with Zan out on the stair set (Lauren already holding back tears at this point because she knew what was to come). With all of Davey's shutter buddies in tote, trigger finger ready to capture this magical set up of a moment, we began to position and posture Zandalee for a "branded backpack cityscape shoot". As Zandalee looked away out into the annoying ramen destroying downtown Calgary skyline, Davey approached. I couldn't see because Davey is only part hipster so his pants aren't tight enough, but I assume his knees were shaking harder than Elvis on gravel road. After a few moments of standing beside her to "line up the shot" the love explosion began. He confidently grabbed her hands and pulled her gaze toward him. A few soft words were exchanged and then; BAM! his meniscus hit the deck.
Her hands flew back to her face like a well made Australian boomerang. Disbelief and complete elated, joy filled the air. The atmosphere seemed to turn to ozone as electricity pulsed through their nervous systems. "click, click, click, click, click" and happy sobs (from Lauren of course) were the only thing you could hear as Zandalee painted herself on Davey with a hug and kiss that never wanted to let go.
"BRO!! WHAT DID SHE SAY" we shouted with laughter from 50 yards back as the two glowed in the blue hour light. But no words were needed, a louder yes had never been shouted from two lovers expression toward each other.

Thank you Zandalee and Davey for showing us that love is alive. Thank you for allowing us to experience this moment with you. And thank you for making me look like an idiot as I uncontrollably smile at my screen, while I write this in a crowded coffee shop.

Please have chicken nuggets on the menu at your wedding.

Until next time...

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