I Wish I Didn't Exist

It’s getting late and I have a crazy day, week and month ahead (God has been blessing a homie real hard lately. More on that in the coming days). BUT, I have been dying to share some thoughts and shots, so here’s a quick one!!

Some days I wish I didn’t exist.. to you. I wish you couldn’t hear me so that I could tread in the silence of the present. I wish you couldn’t see me so that I could capture all of the tiny, little and unforgettable moments in the in-between. It’s these things that so often we take for granted. Like when the sun shines through your hair as you take the first sip of hot coffee in the morning (if only you knew how bloody beautiful you are). Or like the way he laughs at your silly jokes even though you’re not funny, like the way she looks at you while you’re trying to decide what size latte to order, the curiosity in her walk as she learns new things, the spark in his eye as he does something he knows all too well his mother has told him not to, like the way an elderly couple locks hands like deep roots of a mature oak, after 40 years of marriage, like the way they stare at each other when they’re unknowingly looking away, etc., etc.. You get the point. These to me are the moments that matter most, yet they are the moments that seem to get lost in time again and again. SO, what would happen if we stopped and froze time in order to revel in the missed?

A few weeks ago I was invited to photograph a total strangers wedding (my first wedding to be precise) and my mission was exactly that. Capture the beauty in the in-between. Capture love. Love is so beautiful. When in it’s most honest form, love follows you around like an excited barn yard dog. It causes you to glow like a spring fire fly. I loved every second of shooting this and I would be elated to shoot more. But it's my eye's have become heavy so for now, below is a little taste of what I saw..


Until next time... 




Mrs. Walters