Welcome Home.

What a beautiful world we live in, wouldn’t it be a shame not to share?

I have spent most of my life sleeping through every sunrise and looking past every sunset, not knowing the beauty each one holds and the effect it has on your soul. Being 25 years old today, that makes 18,250 moments of golden rise and fall. That's 18,250 times my soul could have been revived, replenished and moved.. I had a moment of awakening this year while standing at the top of a mountain with a group of my closest friends. Covered in sweat, hot from the sun, no service or civilization in sight, I realized that I was spending my life living in the mundane. I spent most of my life focussing on the expected destination, not on my dreams and all the little steps along the way. I decided in that moment that I would go further, listen longer, learn more, fall in love deeper and more often, share my world in pictures, ramblings and words.. and drink more coffee. I decided in that moment, that I would romance my wild.

I wish a blog could do justice to my gratefulness for the gift of life that photography has brought back to me. Every time the shutter clicks I fall deeply in love with the world around me again. Capturing a still of a moment of thrill while the wind whips through my hair and soul at the top of an alpine summit has a way of reigniting passion and excitement in your heart that cannot be equalled. Talking to a total stranger, asking about their life and hearing their story while I take their portrait to cherish forever, seeds understanding, empathy, curiosity and compassion. Walking away with an image of their character that scribes 100 years of life into a tangible instant, makes you appreciate another human like never before. Stumbling upon still waters boasting the reflection of a landscape so beautiful that God had to mirror it back to the heavens for Him and the angels to see, has a way of finding an open space in your heart. A space where joy can have it's way with you. 

My promise to myself and you, is that I will sit patient and wait for the beauty of the world to reveal itself once again. I will take you further, listen longer, live wilder and more free, for me to capture and you to see. This is where each moment, thought and shot will be shared. Welcome to the Romance Your Wild Blog.

Welcome home.

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